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Box braid style off the top of my head. .. go head girl lol #BoxBraids #protectivestyle #PROTECTIVESTYLE #naturalhair #protectivestyling #braids

25Min: Back Thigh Tightener Workout (HAMSTRINGS) …:

10 Min Amazing Vinyasa Yoga Flow! FULL LENGTH!:

They are miniature size!! Wow

When’s the last time you bought chips ahoy?? Yearssss for me!

Are you hanging TIGHT with me? ! #fitfluential #fitness #connectedlife

10 Min Amazing Vinyasa Yoga Flow! FULL LENGTH!:

Time to have fun!

#BoxBraids #naturalhair #protectivestyling #protectivestyle


Ripe fruit’s fuels are called “simple sugars.” Virtually every cell in your body is fueled solely by these simple sugars😄🍓🍉. @drdouggraham
El azúcar de la fruta madura es “azúcar simple.” Cada célula de tu cuerpo es alimentada únicamente de esta azúcar simple. 😄🍉🍓! @drdouggraham #rawvana #letsdothis

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Without faith you can’t even begin to praise God.

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